Saturday, August 6, 2011

Unexpected Circumstances - Summary - Isabella is a handmaid to Princess Jessica, Daughter of King Aro. When a knight from a neighboring kingdom wins his choice of bride, Sir Edward bypasses the princess and claims the handmaid instead. Isabella suddenly finds herself married to a man she does not know, and is tossed into the middle of political plots and scheming nobles. Her life is further turned upside down when she is unable to give her husband the one thing he must have.

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Take yourself back the days of knights in shining armor and battles between neighboring kingdoms.  Sir Edward of Forks, heir to the throne and tournament champion chooses a handmaid for his prize after winning a jousting match.  Isabella reluctantly agrees to marry a man she doesn't know, and quickly finds herself removed from the only home she has ever known. Her life is altered completely as she attempts to transition from commoner to princess while learning to understand a man hell-bent on violence and revenge.

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"He means you, Isabella,” Angela whispered beside me.  “He’s asking for your hand as his prize!”  
“Me?” I heard myself stammer.  There was no possible way a lord – heir to the throne as well – was suggesting a handmaid be taken as a bride.  If he was asking for a night with me, I would have understood.  Such a request would not be unheard of for a lord to demand.  Perhaps he had misunderstood the King’s offer.  Perhaps we all had.  “There must be a mistake…”

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Romance, plenty of angst and smut.  How can it go wrong? :)  Oh yes - because Edward is, by his own admission, "a violent and brutal man" and Isabella is his naive commoner wife who doesn't have the slightest idea how to express herself as a human being (you know, as opposed to a servant), let alone as someone thrust into a position of nobility.  She doesn't have the slightest idea how to communicate with her temperamental husband, and he's frustrated to no end just trying to get some information out of her!  It seems he communicates better with his horse Volvo (ha!) and his pack of hunting dogs.  There is a LOT of stuff going on in this story, and it's really only just starting!  Both Edward and Isabella have a long way to go - coming to terms with exactly what their relationship might become as well as both of their duties as future King and Queen of Forks.

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India Rose made this banner and posted it over on the Unexpected Circumstances Twilighted Forum Thread.  I thought it was so gorgeous (and I'm a fan of Waterfords in general), I'm going to write this little scene into an upcoming chapter - probably chapter 18-20.


Unexpected Circumstances- This is going to be a long, complex story, which will probably end up being 40+ chapters.  It's got a long ways to go yet!